Reasons Why Your Helmet Will Not Be Covered by Warranty:

  • An accident or a fall.
  • Any customization or technical modification made by the user (paints, glue, adhesives, screws, etc.).
  • Application of/contact with harmful chemical products (including methylated spirits on the visor treatments), or an intense heat source.
  • Lack of maintenance and care.
  • Usage under abnormal conditions (e.g. underwater).
  • Paint fade and color degradation due to prolonged exposure to sunlight/UV light. Especially, high–viz colors are prone to faster UV degradation because of their nature.
  • Damage to paint due to usage.
  • Aging/damage/cracks of inner fabrics/liner due to usage.
  • Damage to inner fabrics due to contact with water.
  • Helmet breathing coming off due to usage.
  • Scratching and marks on the visor & external parts.
  • Damage to the UV coating on the visor due to usage.
  • Color chipping on the eps.

Note: Helmet Accessories are not covered under warranty.


Warranty Terms and Conditions for GPX Motorcycle:

Speedoz Ltd., Authorized Distributor of GP Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Warranty claims are applicable to these conditions :

  • Vehicle was not used in racing or competition.
  • Vehicle is properly used as outlined in the owner’s manual.
  • Vehicle underwent pre-delivery inspection (PDI), and warranty registration submitted to the company.
  • Vehicle is in factory standard condition (not modified).
  • Vehicle been regularly serviced as per warranty- schedules.
  • Using genuine parts, authorized engine oils and service from GPX only.
  • Claimed parts must be in GPX factory standard condition (not modified).

Parts that are not covered by warranty :

  • Parts that wear out from intended use and need periodic replacement, e.g., lubes and fluids, gaskets, brake hose and pads, speedometer-odometer-tachometer lines, clutch lines, engine, light bulbs, fuse, spark plugs, bolts, nuts and screws All Electric items etc.
  • Engine Interior parts that wear out from use, e.g. cylinder block, piston, washers, spark plugs, engine oil unless found to be defects of GPX’s materials or workmanship.
  • Battery and Tires: as per manufacturer’s warranty.
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