GPX Motorcycle

GPX is mainly a Thai motorcycle brand under the care of motorcycle manufacturing company GP Motor (Thailand) Co. Ltd. GPX motorbick is one of the popular motorcycle brands among the list of motorcycle brands in Asia which was well-known for producing dirt bikes and ATV’s. If you are looking for a GPX motorcycle price in Bangladesh then you are in the right place to clarify your queries and get a reasonable price for a GPX motorcycle.

The GPX motorcycle has many color variants on their list so, that you can choose one with your favorite color, all colors have the same price range. If we talk about the dimensions of this bike 747×2,020×1,145 mm is most of their width, length, and height. The wheelbase is 1,350 mm, which is perfect with its overall body shape. The narrowest turning circle of GPX is 35 degrees. Let’s look over the engine specification of GPX bikes, first of all, the Engine model is 1 cylinder and has 4 strokes, SOHC, 2 valves with 164.6 cc cylinder volume and the cooling facilities build with liquid-cooled.

The GPX motorcycles are available in Speedoz Ltd and we provide an affordable price range.

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