Generic Motorcycle

The Generic motorcycles come with several retro features. One of the most common awesome-looking features is the circular headlight. The headlight is based on halogen light, while the taillight is LED. For indication, they use light bulbs. The lights are good enough for the city commute.

The Generic Cafe Racer 165 motorcycle comes with pipe handlebars and thin seats. The handlebars remain that of standard café racers, which is something various retro bikes, miss. This bike comes with a lightweight leather-looking seat, which makes the looks of it much extraordinary and beautiful. The tank is also designed retro, which makes it look unique also, it has a fuel tank of 14 liters capacity, which is an enough large tank and is enough for the long rides out of the town. There are some different color type for Generic motorcycles available and among the color list all Generic Cafe Racer 165 price in Bangladesh is same, you have to speand smae money for all colors.

The Generic Cafe Racer 165 has a unique type of small body as compared to other motorbikes. The height, length, width dimension of Generic Cafe Racer 165 is 1160mm, 1990mm, 850mm, and weight is 142kg. This bike weight allows the motorbike to be stable at high speeds. This bike has an awesome wheelbase of about 1370mm, which is enough for cornering stability.




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