Speedoz Limited was established in November 2009.

A brief history of how it all started. In the early 2008’s many young and enthusiastic riders started to ride 150cc Racing Motorcycles. Riders would spend couple of hundred thousand trying to get more power and better suspension to outdo their buddy. It was all about group tour, rally and having a good time! Many aftermarket companies catered to this fast-growing trend. The racing bike craze was in full bloom! From this concepts Speedoz Limited introduced Megelli 150R racing bike as a sole distributor in Bangladesh.

Speedoz Limited also brought a Naked Sport motorcycle named Spiker but gladly later in the same year we decided to be the sole distributor of Keeway motorcycle in Bangladesh. Keeway makes bikes from 50cc to 600cc but due to the rules in Bangladesh Speedoz are only brings 100-150cc motorcycles. Keeway motorcycle has a team of young energetic designers from Italy and Argentina. Speedoz has an assembly plant in Bogura.

With its success worldwide, Keeway became part of the QianJiang Motor Company of China group, one of the most important manufacturers in Asia. QJ has become the most successful European brand in China and other countries, after the acquisition, in 1998, of a majority shareholding of the Italian company, Benelli. Benelli has 105 years of history, being enormously important in Europe. With designs that set trends in the motorcycle world & Benelli supporting in the development of designs and technology. As from 2015, all of their designs and new technology proposals come from the hands of the new design and development team in Benelli and Keeway.

By developing overseas contacts and maintaining quality control Speedoz Limited soon became a nationwide renowned Company. Recently Speedoz Limited introduced FKM motorcycle brand under the company FK Motors Limited. It’s a newly formed multinational company operating from Singapore and the country of origin of the motorcycle is Germany. Speedoz also brought Generic Cafe Racer which is one of the highest segment cafe racer bikes available in Bangladesh. Sharp design, round headlamp, and dashboard make it super sporty.
To comply with rider’s safety Speedoz also introduced ECE & DOT certified Italian helmet brand ORIGINE in Bangladesh. Speedoz Limited has developed its own European Standard ISO certified helmet brand TORQ. At the moment TORQ is the most famous budget friendly helmet brand in Bangladesh.

Speedoz Limited is going to launch GPX 165cc motorcycle very soon. The GPX Moto brand’s focus is to provide performance products to the motorsports world while maintaining quality and affordability. The combination of GPX Moto and Speedoz Limited provide expanding market opportunities for motorsports dealers and the confidence, reliability and performance riders are looking for!
It’s about time riding become affordable again!